Fluoride Treatment

There are many factors that influence daily oral health habits. These include careful and thorough brushing and flossing twice a day as well as biannual exams and cleanings with our emergency dentist’s office near you. A fluoride treatment in New Port Richey, FL is another way to protect teeth from decay and cavities.

In combination, excellent oral hygiene habits, regular dental visits, and professional fluoride treatments provide comprehensive protection against the damages of tooth decay. Dental Arts New Port Richey offers in-office fluoride treatment near you to help protect the oral health of you and your family.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that helps prevent tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria in the mouth that produces acid and collects near the teeth and gums in the form of plaque. This decay results in cavities, which are small holes that develop in tooth enamel. Fluoride, in addition to excellent oral health habits and regular dental care, protects teeth from becoming vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities.

Fluoride used in professional dental treatments is stronger than what is available over the counter, and can even help repair microscopic cavities beginning to develop in tooth enamel. The treatment is generally applied with a swab or brush or sometimes comes in the form of a mouth rinse or tray that patients hold in their mouth for a small amount of time.

Professional Fluoride Treatment

Professional fluoride treatment is beneficial for patients at risk of developing cavities. Some of these risk factors include:

  • Poor oral hygiene habits
  • Lack of routine dental care
  • Poor dietary habits
  • Defects in tooth enamel
  • High levels of existing plaque

Our dentist in New Port Richey, FL will determine if fluoride treatment is right for you. If so, the procedure takes just a few minutes. Once Dr. Mitul Patel applies the treatment, patients are generally expected to refrain from rinsing, eating, or drinking for at least half an hour. This allows teeth to absorb the fluoride.

Depending on your level of tooth decay and oral health, Dr. Mitul Patel at dentist’s office near you may recommend fluoride treatments on a regular basis. For more information about fluoride treatment near you, contact Dental Arts New Port Richey.

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