The tooth is a complex structure. While many people assume the teeth are made of bone, they are actually composed of various substances, including dental enamel, nerves, and interior soft pulp. When someone visits an endodontist, they see a professional who specializes in the study and treatment of this pulp. The pulp is responsible for providing sensation to the tooth and keeping it healthy and strong.

At Dental Arts New Port Richey in New Port Richey, FL, we staff knowledgeable officials and utilize the latest technology to offer high-quality endodontics to patients. Each individual receives a customized treatment plan and can take advantage of our office amenities, facilitating a relaxing visit and quick recovery from potential pulp problems.

Treatment Available

There are few issues that target the pulp of the teeth. The most common one is a dental infection caused by a buildup of plaque in the mouth and on the teeth. Plaque is a sticky substance left behind by food and beverages. It can wear through the enamel, exposing the pulp and making it easy for bacteria to slip inside and cause an infection.

When the pulp becomes infected, it starts to decay and can be difficult to treat. If antibiotics don’t work, then an endodontist needs to enter the tooth and remove the affected pulp in a procedure known as a root canal. This is the most common treatment in endodontics.

Does It Hurt?

Endodontic treatment has received a bad reputation in popular media because of outdated information. At Dental Arts New Port Richey in New Port Richey, FL, we use anesthetic and modern tools to ensure you feel no pain while receiving treatment. Instead, all you will have is some mild pressure as our endodontist works to eliminate infected pulp.

How to Receive Treatment

If you think you have a problem with an endodontist, you can schedule an appointment with the Dentist’s Office near You at Dental Arts New Port Richey, FL. All you need to do is describe your problem, and our emergency dentist near you can examine the affected tooth and determine whether or not you would benefit from endodontic treatment. Depending on the situation, a procedure can be completed during the same appointment or established on another day.

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