Why Professional Teeth Bleaching Is Gaining Popularity

Why Professional Teeth Bleaching Is Gaining Popularity

December 1, 2021

There are many tooth whitening products to choose from when it comes to the whitening of your teeth. Teeth bleaching is appropriate for people who have healthy yellowed teeth. Not everyone makes the perfect candidate because some whitening ingredients use chemicals like hydrogen peroxide to bleach which is not recommended for everyone.

Peroxide is the agent that bleaches the enamel, and in most cases, the stronger the peroxide ingredient, the higher the effect on whitening the teeth. Your teeth must be in good health and your gums too for the procedure.

Your dentist will give you different options of whitening methods for you to choose one. Also, some options are both natural and safe that you can apply at home to make your teeth whiter. And if the home whitening remedies are not effective, you can visit an emergency dentist near you to guide you on how to use them. Learn more about teeth whitening in this article.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening involves lightening the natural color of your teeth. It lightens the existing color of the teeth by several shades, but it cannot make a complete color change. Many people perform teeth whitening to brighten their smiles. It also improves the aesthetic appearance.

Over time, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, taking red wine, and aging might lead to the color change of your teeth. Your teeth might not appear as white. Having your teeth whitening at Dental Arts in New Port Richey, FL, will get rid of the stain and help you maintain your teeth’ white color.

Steps for Teeth Whitening Procedure

When getting your teeth whitened, you’ll need to visit your dentist several times for a couple of months. The dentist will take an image of your teeth as a guide for making a mouthguard and direct you on how to use it with bleaching gel. When using the mouthguard, you apply the gel frequently for a specific time within two to four weeks. Some gels are left on the teeth for up to eight hours, making the treatment time shorter to one week. A dentist can also provide power whitening where a bleaching product is placed on your teeth then light is directed on the product to activate the whitening. The power lightening is also known as laser lightening that takes about an hour to be complete.

Methods of Teeth Whitening

If you require making your teeth whiter, visit a dental office near you to get in-office teeth whitening, tray-based teeth whiteners, or whitening toothpaste.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening Is Better

This is the most effective method of teeth whitening. It is performed at the dentist’s office, making it the best because it is done professionally. The procedure is time-saving but relatively expensive. Your dentist will use strong agents and protect your mouth from getting into contact with the bleaching products during the procedure. In addition, the dentist will treat any tooth sensitivity that comes as a result of the procedure.

Tray Based Teeth Whiteners

The tray method involves a dentist making fitted application trays made from flexible plastics. The tray is worn for a couple of hours every day or night for four weeks or even more. It depends on the strength of the peroxide that the gel contains. The fitted trays make sure the bleaching product gets into contact with the teeth.

Whitening Toothpaste

This is toothpaste containing mild abrasives like aluminum and silica. The abrasives remove the teeth’ surface stains. Some toothpaste contains chemical agents and gentle polishing agents that increase the effectiveness of stain removal.

Whitening toothpaste lightens about one shade of your teeth and does not contain strong bleach. It is important to consult your dentist about the best toothpaste to use based on your teeth and gum condition.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

There are some advantages that teeth whitening brings to your life. They include:

  • Your mouth becomes healthier: When a dental professional does teeth whitening, it strengthens your teeth and makes them healthier. The dentist also cleans your mouth during the procedure.
  • It leaves you with a bright smile: Having a confident and excellent smile can bring an impact to opportunities you get in life.

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