Why Does My Orthodontic Retainer Hurt?

Why Does My Orthodontic Retainer Hurt?

February 1, 2022

After you have completed your orthodontic treatment, your dentist in 34653 may recommend another remedy to make your orthodontic treatment remain effective. They are called retainers. Retainers have been beneficial to orthodontic patients. This article will provide you with all you need to know about orthodontic retainers.

Retainers are orthodontic devices for people who have completed their orthodontic treatments. It combines metal and plastic materials custom-made and tightened to the lower and upper teeth. People wear them to keep teeth from reverting to their previous problematic positions, which the dentist initially repaired through orthodontic treatments.

Aside from maintaining the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatments, retainers can improve your smile. After your orthodontic treatment, your smile should look good, which can be even better with the use of a retainer.

The Only Way To Keep Your Teeth Straight Is Wearing Your Retainer

After removing your braces permanently, you have to wear the retainers to prevent the teeth from changing their position or becoming crooked again. Also, you wouldn’t like the dental treatment you worked so hard for to be in vain. You won’t wear the retainers forever. Ask your dentist for the duration expected.

Furthermore, retainers are not only suitable for retaining orthodontic treatments’ outcomes. They also bridge significant gaps between the teeth and keep your teeth aligned. Although you might have to use your retainers for a very long time, they are worth the time and consistency.

Should I Clean My Retainers?

While practicing good dental hygiene to prevent germs and decay from wearing your teeth down, you should also do the same for retainers. When you use your retainers for days without cleaning them, you increase your risk of developing cavities or decay. That can, in turn, make your retainers ineffective in maintaining your teeth’ positions and enhancing your smiles.

It does not take too much time to clean your retainers. To keep it clean and free from germs, you can easily wash your retainer with toothpaste and lukewarm water. You can speak to Dr. Mitul Patel for more instructions on maintaining your retainer and keeping it clean.

Why Does My Retainer Hurt?

There are various reasons why your retainer hurts.

    • You’re Not Consistent With Your Retainer Treatment: You might feel uncomfortable with your retainers if you don’t wear them at the appropriate time that you are supposed to. You can feel sore or suffer from irritation if you forget to wear your retainers. The discomfort will disappear after you start wearing your retainers consistently again. However, you should see your dentist in New Port Richey if you continue to feel pains after wearing your retainers always.
    • Your Retainer Is Damaged: If a piece of metal or plastic is damaged, it can make your retainer hurt when you wear it. The broken metal or plastic can brush through your gums or cheeks and infuriate them. When this happens, you would feel pains after wearing the retainers.

If your retainers don’t fit because they are damaged, you might also feel some pains. The orthodontist can fix a damaged retainer. Seek help from your orthodontist when your retainer gets bad.

  • Your Teeth Has Moved: If your retainer isn’t damaged and you feel hurt whenever you wear it, it could be that your teeth have changed their position. See a dentist near you immediately. Also, read further to see what you can do when the teeth have moved from their position, thereby making your retainers hurt.

What Are The Options If Your Teeth Have Moved?

Sometimes the movement can be minor and might be corrected after wearing your retainers consistently for a few weeks. However, if the activity is complicated, your dentist might have to replace your retainers with another one.

Also, when the teeth move, it means that you might have to get a different orthodontic treatment near you to reset your teeth structure and make it aligned again.

Restarting or getting additional orthodontic treatments can be stressful. However, it is always for the greater good.

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