What Makes Tooth Extractions Necessary?

What Makes Tooth Extractions Necessary?

September 1, 2021

Doesn’t it sound like a double standard for dentists in New Port Richey, FL, to recommend tooth extractions while dentistry is anchored on the primary goal of saving natural teeth? While it may appear that way, it is not the full story. Sometimes removing your tooth is the only measure that a dentist near you can employ to preserve and protect your oral cavity. It takes a deeper level of understanding to acknowledge the essence of tooth extraction procedures in dentistry.

What Are Tooth Extractions?

They are dental procedures in dentistry that entail forcibly removing natural teeth. Tooth extractions in New port Richey are permanent procedures that cannot be reversed. That is enough reason to convince you that a dentist near you would not randomly suggest removing your natural teeth if it is not a necessary procedure. Therefore, you should begin to consider tooth extractions as essential dental treatments as much as any other type of dental care treatment.

Common Instances in Dentistry where Tooth Extractions are Necessary

One important thing you should know is that your dentist will not always recommend a tooth extraction. Unless it is absolutely necessary, your dentist will look for other ways to offer treatment other than removing your natural teeth. Therefore, should they result to proceed with the tooth extraction, then it means there are sufficient reasons why the procedure is necessary. Some of the instances include:

  1. To decongest the mouth – sometimes the teeth in your mouth are too many for the amount of space present in your jaw bone. It then creates another dental problem usually treated in orthodontic dentistry. In orthodontics, Dr. Mitul Patel Kolodzie will recommend a tooth extraction procedure to help remove one or two natural teeth, which will create more room in your jaw bone. The method is usually employed for patients with an overcrowded mouth.
  2. For severely decayed teeth – dental decay is a common problem in dentistry, affecting both children and adults. Unless you have sought treatment in the early onset of dental cavities, as soon as dental decay advances and progress, tooth removal may be the only treatment option for you. The level of pain, inflammation, and discomfort you will already be facing because of the bacteria in your decayed tooth will be enough for you to appreciate the role of tooth extractions in New Port Richey, FL.
  3. To install full dentures – for you to merit receiving complete dentures, your dentist will have to ascertain that you have all your teeth missing. However, if you still have one or two teeth remaining, your dentist will recommend removing them for you to qualify for getting complete dentures installed.
  4. As treatment for impacted teeth – impacted teeth are the type of teeth that grow improperly so that they are either partially or fully stuck underneath the gum tissue. Impacted teeth cause a lot of discomforts, especially in attempts to chew and eat properly. As a treatment, fearful, your dentist will have to remove your natural tooth, usually through oral surgery.
  5. For periodontal treatment – periodontal disease features an infection of the gum tissue, which rapidly spreads to the bone tissue. Such an infection can cause severe dental problems, including premature tooth loss because of the significant loss of healthy gum and bone tissues. As such, your dentist may need to extract your teeth. In many cases, when you have severe periodontal disease, you will find yourself needing an emergency dentist near you because your teeth will already be falling off by themselves.

Should You Get Your Tooth Extracted?

Even though it may be daunting to think of losing your natural teeth, it may be the best alternative to achieve oral health excellence. Aside from that, you have the chance to replace your missing teeth with different tooth replacement oral appliances where applicable.

Besides, when it comes to the performance of dental extractions, there are measures taken to ensure you have a comfortable experience. The procedure will be painless, thanks to local anesthesia that numbs your mouth. Sedation dentistry may also be employed to help you overcome dental anxiety and sit still on the dentist’s chair.

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