How to Mentally Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery?

How to Mentally Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery?

May 1, 2022

Are you finally ready to say goodbye to the gap in your smile? After going without one or more of your natural teeth, you probably understand the essence of teeth for optimal functionality better than anyone else. Among the different restorative solutions for replacing natural teeth, dental implants are highly recommended by dental experts. They offer a permanent solution to tooth loss, closely mimicking natural teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

They are small metal posts that replace missing teeth in restorative dentistry. Dental implants feature screw-like titanium metal posts that dentists at Dental Arts New Port Richey erect in patients’ jawbone to replace tooth roots. Ideally, dental implants cannot work independently as they only replace tooth roots. To complete the treatment, therefore, a dentist would have to install a dental crown, dental bridge, or denture, which will represent the crown of the artificial tooth.

What Does Dental Implant Surgery Imply?

The only way to place a dental implant in your jawbone is by surgery. It means that you will be receiving a permanent artificial tooth as a replacement for your natural tooth. The surgery begins when the dentist cuts your gums to expose the bone tissue underneath. (S)he then drills through the jawbone, creating a hole the size of the dental implant. After placing the implant on the jawbone, the dentist will sew the gum back together to support the tooth implant.

After surgery, you need to heal and recover for about three months before any other dental work can embark. Once your gums and jawbone have healed, you will be ready for the crowning stage of the treatment.

Tips for Mentally Preparing for Dental Implant Surgery

As your surgery approaches, you may start to get nervous in anticipation of the procedure. If you allow the anxiety to build up, it may be enough to cripple you, causing you to cancel your dental implant surgery appointment. It explains why emergency dentists in New Port Richey recommend getting dental implants immediately after losing your natural teeth. However, you can still have a successful surgery if you take a few measures to mentally prepare for the surgery. This way, you will be confident about the procedure until the day of the surgery. Some of the tips that can help you are:

  1. Ask your dentist lots of questions – at the end of the day, a dentist in 34653 knows more about dental anatomy than you do. Therefore, no matter how much research you do alone, asking your dentist several questions is paramount. It will provide more actionable insight to help you prepare for your surgery.
  2. Liaise with other patients – if you can access someone who has undergone an implant surgery before, it will help you prepare well for your treatment. The truth is that Dr. Mitul Patel will give you useful tips from the perspective of a dental expert. However, a patient who has had surgery before may give you more insight into the experience of getting tooth implants.
  3. Get ready for recovery – if you must get dental implants near you, you must set aside enough downtime for recovery after your surgery. Dental implant procedures are invasive enough to necessitate time off work for resting to recover. Preparing for the recovery period means making several adjustments to your meal choices along with clearing your schedule of any heavy tasks.
  4. Treat yourself the day before – when preparing for any surgery, you must anticipate the discomfort of recovery. Therefore, before your surgery appointment with your dentist in New Port Richey, treat yourself the day before. Eat your favorite foods and visit your desired destination. During this time, ensure you keep your mind off of the surgery. Make it quality time to enjoy life before you have to undergo surgery. Besides, being relaxed and rejuvenated will be good for you during and after your procedure.
  5. Sleep early – on the night before your surgery, go to bed early. The goal should be to get enough rest throughout the night. This way, your body is ready for the surgery ahead. Besides, staying up late will only make you worry about the procedure enough to cause anxiety and feel overwhelmed.

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