Five Reasons Why Regular Dental Exams Are Essential for Oral Health

Five Reasons Why Regular Dental Exams Are Essential for Oral Health

May 1, 2021

Are you due to visit your dentist for six-monthly dental exams? You may not look forward to the appointment thinking it isn’t necessary. Unfortunately, it is an appointment you cannot overlook and must schedule it sooner rather than later. Do you want to understand why you must have regular dental exams and cleanings? We have something for you to think about before you schedule your appointment with Dr. Mitul Patel from dental arts new Port Richey.

This blog provides you all information about the dental examination procedure and why a dental exam before cleaning is always a routine with dentists. Let us take you through the five steps of regular dental exams and explain why they are essential for your oral health.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a severe infection manifesting itself in different ways in your mouth. When oral cancer is not detected early, it progresses quickly to assume life-threatening proportions. Fortunately, early detection of oral cancer makes the condition comfortably treatable.

Dentists are qualified to detect oral cancer during regular dental exams. The exams enable dentists to detect oral cancer in the earliest stages and refer you to a specialist if you need even though you may not notice any abnormalities in your mouth. The cancer screening process shouldn’t scare you into believing you are affected by this severe condition. It is just a preventive measure to ensure no abnormalities exist in your mouth.

Plaque, Tartar, & Cavities

You may indulge in diligent brushing and flossing recommended by your dentist but may still miss hard-to-reach areas between your teeth. Plaque buildup becomes challenging to remove when it hardens to tartar. Getting help from a dental office is the only way of eliminating hardened tartar from your teeth.

Regular dental cleanings prevent tartar from eroding your tooth enamel and creating cavities in them. Holes do not present any warning signs before they develop. However, after they have done permanent damage, you may have to visit an emergency dentist near you complaining about a severe throbbing toothache, especially with the cavity gets to the root of your tooth. You can avoid the occurrence of such problems by scheduling regular dental exams to care for your health.

Periodontal Disease

Tooth decay is not the only damage caused by cavities because plaque and tartar buildup also erodes the gum tissues. When you develop gum disease, the condition causes your gums to separate from your teeth and pull away from them. If you are affected by early gingivitis, the infection is easily preventable when diagnosed early. However, allow the condition the progress to moderate or advanced periodontal disease. You must continue to maintain it throughout your life by visiting dentists frequently and maintaining excellent oral hygiene practices.

Periodontal disorder concerns more than just your oral well-being. It also affects your financial health because you must schedule dental appointments every three months to receive expensive periodontal maintenance treatments.

Keeping Detrimental Habits in Check

Many habits can adversely impact your oral health. You may not realize habits like chewing on ice, fingernails, clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth, eating hard and sticky foods, and even brushing your teeth aggressively besides having coffee, red wine, and smoking are damaging your teeth.

When you visit the dentist for a dental exam, the professional checks for any oral damage caused by the detrimental habits or any other you may not have noticed. The dentist warns you about the particular destructive habits helping you alter your lifestyle and prevent further damage to your teeth. Visiting the dentist allows you to fix existing damage and learn how you can prevent damage from occurring further.

Dental X-Rays

A critical part of visiting your dentist every six months is to get your teeth and jaw bone x-rayed. Dental x-rays enable dentists to view what’s happening beneath the surfaces of your mouth. They can locate and diagnose issues invisible to the naked eye. Some problems that are detected through x-rays are impacted wisdom teeth, cavities between your teeth, et cetera. Dental exams allow dentists to see all issues in your mouth before they aggravate into a severe problem. Dental exams are a preventive measure to ensure your oral health remains in excellent condition from early childhood throughout your entire life. The primary dental examination purpose helps you get rid of any problems in your mouth before they develop into a severe condition.

Does a dental exam include cleaning? Yes, it undoubtedly does because if and when the dentist detects any problems in your mouth, they provide prompt treatments helping you to enjoy excellent oral health without needing help from neighborhood dentists when least expected.

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